Trump lawyer describes junk food extravaganza at trial

NEW YORK — Donald Trump’s criminal defense was fueled by junk food, according to his attorney.

It’s not always McDonald’s,” lawyer Todd Blanche told the podcast “For the Defense with David Oscar Markus.”

“There’s pizza, and there’s other non-healthy alternatives to McDonald’s,” he said.

According to Blanche, the “variety” of snacks and treats in the Trump team war room may not have been healthy, but there was “this plethora of food everywhere.”

While no one had to go hungry during the former president’s seven-week trial in Manhattan, Blanche estimates he lost about eight pounds by eating on his own at the start and finish of each day and forgoing meals during the proceedings.

“I always take trials as an opportunity to lose a few pounds,” he said.

Behind-the-scene photos taken where Trump’s defense conferred in the courthouse showed soda containers, potato chips and several kinds of candy.

It’s well-known the defendant is a big fan of fast food and Diet Coke. He reportedly drinks a dozen cans of soda per day. When sports teams visited Trump’s White House, they were greeted with Quarter Pounders, Big Macs and other such items not usually associated with physical fitness.

Blanche has received some criticism for his defense of Trump, which ended with the 45th president being convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records to advance his political campaign.

But despite the guilty verdict, Blanche maintains the defense strategy was sound.

“Maybe enough people will tell me I screwed up that I’ll change my mind, but it was the right one,” he said. “I think that was the right strategy. It’s tough.”

Trump is scheduled to be sentenced next month. His team is appealing the verdict.