Trump ‘does not like to surround himself with yes people,’ says Ben Carson

Ben Carson, who served as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development under former President Trump, said his ex-boss “does not like to surround himself with ‘yes’ people” when asked about his stance on abortion laws.

CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed Carson on “State of the Union” to describe his conversations with Trump about abortion laws, noting that Carson has expressed support in the past for national legislation on abortion.

Trump said last month that he believes abortion law should be decided by the states in the aftermath of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“President Trump does not like to surround himself with ‘yes’ people. And he likes to have healthy discussions about things and recognize that in terms of saving the lives of [the] unborn he has done more than any other president. So I give him much credit for that,” Carson said.

Carson also said he agrees with Trump, suggesting that abortion laws should be decided by the states.

“I think I agree completely with his idea of shifting it to the states. And the reason that it should be shifted to the states [is] because the discussions can take place between the legislators and the people. That’s where it’s supposed to be. That’s where it should have been in the first place,” he said.

Carson first endorsed Trump in 2016 shortly after he ended his own bid for the White House. After some speculation swirled over whether he would be Trump’s vice presidential pick, he was eventually selected to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Carson has already endorsed Trump in his third bid for the White House. He said Sunday he has not talked to Trump about being his running mate but said he would willing to debate Vice President Harris.

“I would certainly be willing to discuss policies, the differences. You know we have a unique situation where you [can] juxtapose two different administrations with different philosophies. And people can see how that one feels versus how did the other feel, and I would love to debate with, with her or with anyone,” he said.

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