Trump Defense Witness Answers Phone Call While On Stand

Things got awkward for Palm Beach realtor Lawrence Moens on Tuesday while he was testifying on behalf of Donald Trump at the former president’s New York civil fraud trial.

Moens was in the middle of his testimony when his phone suddenly rang while he was on the witness stand, according to reporters.

“Dad, I love you, but I’ve got to get off the phone,” Lawrence Moens said after answering his phone in the witness box of Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, according to Law360 reporter Stewart Bishop.

Moens explained to his dad that he couldn’t take his call because he was testifying for Trump, but promised, “I’ll call you right back,” per Law360’s Frank G. Runyeon.

Reporters covering the trial were shocked by the inopportune phone call. However, Judge Arthur Engoron reportedly accepted Moens’ apology for the intrusion.

Moens was called by Trump’s attorneys to be an expert witness about the value of the former president’s real estate holdings and reportedly told the courtroom, “I worked very hard to sell rich people properties in Palm Beach.”

However, Moens ― who previously testified that Tesla CEO Elon Musk might pay as much as $1 billion for Mar-a-Lago ― had Tuesday’s testimony limited to residential property in Palm Beach, according to RawStory.