Trump claims support from Democratic voters: ‘There’s no hope with Biden’

Former President Trump said Sunday that he has sizable support from Democratic voters who back him in secret, predicting a massive victory in 2024 as President Biden’s supporters lack enthusiasm.

In a Fox News “MediaBuzz” interview with Howard Kurtz, Trump said that “hope” sets him apart from Biden.

“There must be an appeal because you ride down the streets of Florida, the streets of Alabama, and they have Trump signs all over the place,” Trump said. “They’re looking for hope. They want hope. There’s no hope with Biden. He’s a deadhead.”

The Biden campaign has struggled to raise voter enthusiasm, primarily appealing to voters by painting Trump as a danger to the country’s future.

“I think Democrats vote for me a lot more than you think,” Trump continued, predicting that as many as 10 to 12 percent of registered Democrats will back him.

“I have a theory. People in Beverly Hills vote for me, but they don’t talk about it,” Trump said. “A lot of people vote for me.”

The former president’s theory, he said, is seeded in 2016 election exit polls.

“You didn’t win big [in exit polls] because there’s a group of people that say, ‘Don’t ask me. Don’t ask me that question,’” Trump said. “Anybody that says essentially, ‘Don’t ask me,’ that is a Trump voter. And it was the largest number of ‘Don’t ask me that’ voters ever.”

Public opinion polls show that very few Democrats are expected to vote for Trump. An Ipsos poll released last week found that just 0.9 percent of voters who backed Biden in 2020 will vote for Trump in November. Similarly, just 0.5 percent of former Trump voters said they would vote for Biden.

The two candidates are locked neck and neck in national polls, with Trump only holding a 1-point lead over Biden, according to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ polling averages. With third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. included, that lead expands to just over 2 points, according to the average.

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