Trump Attacks Joe Biden’s Economic Policy… Over Snickers Bars

Ahead of the first presidential debate next month, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is already rigorously fact checking President Joe Biden’s economic policies — regarding Snickers candy bars.

In a post on his failing social media company Truth Social on Friday night, Trump went off about Biden’s claim that Snickers were being manufactured smaller but cost the same due to inflation.

“Unbelievably, Crooked Joe went on television last week and proclaimed in an interview that Americans can actually AFFORD his brutal inflation tax,” Trump wrote. “He declared that families QUOTE “have the money to spend,” and then Biden blamed his economic disaster on companies shrinking the size of their Snickers bars.”

The claim Trump is referring to was brought up by Biden during an interview with Erin Burnett on CNN earlier this month, in which Biden said, “Yes, right, for example, Snickers bar, they did a thing, and it’s like 20 percent less for the same price. That’s corporate greed. And we have got to deal with it. And that’s what I’m working on.”

Biden had previously mentioned the claim during this year’s State of the Union address as an example of “shrinkflation” — companies charging the same or higher prices for smaller or fewer goods.

Trump did not take kindly to this example.

“But Americans are not struggling to make ends meet because they’re buying TOO MANY SNICKERS BARS,” Trump’s rant continued. “They’re struggling because we have the worst, most incompetent, most corrupt president in the history of our country!”

Trump is not the only one fired up about the Snickers slander; Mars Inc., which manufactures Snickers, issued a statement after the State of the Union to refute Biden’s claims.

“We have not reduced the size of Snickers singles or share size in the U.S. … Final prices are always at the discretion of the retailer, but we make every effort to minimize costs to provide a full range of delicious products,” the statement read.

The Biden-Harris campaign did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment regarding Trump’s claim or Mars’ response to the State of the Union address.

Perhaps everyone would calm down if all parties involved just had a Snickers bar themselves.

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