Truckers brace for Christmas on UK motorway

A message for Father Christmas.

Thousands of truck drivers remain stranded in southern England, giving up hope of making it home in time for the holidays.

France closed its borders to Britain for 48 hours, stranding furious European truckers, after a new highly infectious strain of the coronavirus spooked Britain's continental neighbors.

Carlos is from Spain.

"The conditions are chaotic at the moment. We had hoped to return to be with our families. But as you can see, they've thrown us here, with nobody doing anything for us. So it looks as if we're going to spend it here on this motorway with our colleagues."

With little food and no access to toilets.

Tensions have boiled over.

Paris and London agreed late on Tuesday (December 22) that drivers carrying a negative COVID-19 test result could board ferries for Calais.

And while the military have started testing drivers, it's taking time to clear the backlog.

Which means many will spend Christmas day in their trucks.