Trucker Baffled After Dashcam Captures Strange Light on Arizona Highway

A Florida trucker who was driving on Arizona’s Route 87 in the early hours of March 11 was baffled after his dashboard camera recorded a mystery light on the side of the road.

William Church told Storyful that he and his fiancee were heading toward Phoenix when the pair noticed the shimmer. In the footage, a translucent mystery shape appears on the right side of the footage at 0:03.

Church said that he twitched his wheel away from the object, as he initially believed a person was “standing in the roadway in the middle of the desert at 2:30 in the morning with not a single car anywhere in sight or near the area.”

Church uploaded the video to Facebook, where he wrote that he was “not sure what it was but wasn’t stopping to find out, with no cars around anywhere for miles.” Credit: William Church via Storyful

Video transcript