Truck spills hundreds of cans of beer onto road in southern Thailand

A delivery truck loaded lost control on a wet road spilling hundreds of cans of BEER. The lorry was travelling after a storm when reportedly swerved to avoid hitting another car in Chumphon, southern Thailand, on July 19. It then wobbled and the cargo tumbled from the back. Footage shows how the cans of Leo beer were strewn across the highway, with many spilling the alcohol onto the ground. Truck driver Winai Thongnualchan said he was on his way to take the alcohol to a warehouse when the accident happened in the afternoon shortly after a rainstorm. He said he evaded a speeding car that cut in front of him, which caused his trailer to wobble and threw the beer cans on the road. Other truck drivers who passed by the accident parked their vehicles on the roadside to help clear the road of the cans. The police later went to the scene to investigate the cause of the accident. Police Colonel Supoj Boonchu said: "Fortunately, no one was injured but we will still investigate the cause. The driver said another vehicle caused the accident so we need more information about this and we will also check the condition of his vehicle.''