Tropical threat may bring downpours to Florida, Southeast

As a tropical rainstorm aims for part of the western Gulf coast and Mexico this week, AccuWeather hurricane experts warn it is not the only area of concern in the Atlantic basin.

The waters off the Atlantic coast of Florida are being monitored from Wednesday through Thursday for a low potential for tropical development.

"This appears to be a quick-moving and compact low-pressure area that will be moving westward into northeastern Florida or perhaps as far north as southeastern Georgia on Thursday," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

A stronger storm could bring gusty winds, especially to coastal locations. However, even a less organized storm would bring rough surf and downpours from the northern Bahamas to the Southeast Atlantic coast.

The storm's quick movement will limit the potential for strengthening; however, it is not out of the question that a tropical depression or low-end tropical storm could form. Regardless, the feature could result in poor beach weather and renewed downpours along part of the Southeast coast.


Rain may move into areas from Melbourne, Florida, to the Outer Banks of North Carolina during the latter part of the week, generally north of the areas that were drenched with last week's tropical rainstorm in South Florida.

There is the potential that the heat dome across the Midwest and Northeast will interfere with the progression of the storm and its downpours, resulting in little to no rain along the Southeast coast.

Surf and rip currents are expected to increase along the beaches from Florida to North Carolina through the week, even if a tropical system fails to organize.

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