Tropical Cyclone Freddy Makes Second Landfall in Malawi

Tropical Cyclone Freddy, already the longest-lived tropical storm in history, made second landfalls in Mozambique and Malawi over the weekend, local authorities said.

Footage recorded by the Malawi Red Cross Society shows the effect of the storm’s second landfall in the south of the country on Sunday, March 12.

Footage from the Thuchira River at Kambenje shows a strong current sending water rushing past trees.

Footage from Blantyre at around 6 pm local time shows a road covered in debris from a fallen signpost.

Malawi Weather said the storm remained over the country on Monday.

At least 27 people have died from the storm in Mozambique and Madagascar, according to Reliefweb. Credit: @MalawiRedCross via Storyful