Tron: Identity is launching next month for Switch and PC

 Tron Identity
Tron Identity

Tron: Identity will be arriving on both Nintendo Switch and PC next month.

In a tweet, developer Bithell Games announced that its "visual novel adventure," Tron: Identity, will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch in just under one month, on April 11. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer showcasing gameplay in, of course, Tron's signature visual style.

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If the game has flown under your radar until now, let's get you up to speed. You play as Query, a detective program searching for answers after an "unprecedented" crime is committed. You'll come into contact with various characters during your investigation, and it's up to you how you interact with others and what approach you take to solve the mystery. You might want to tread carefully, though, as "the decisions you make will actively influence the story, with a multitude of possible outcomes, good and bad – all depending on your carefully chosen words."

As the trailer shows, there's also a puzzle-solving element as you work to reveal memories by defragging Identity Discs. It all takes place on a "never-before-seen server", which fills us with intrigue, as does the fact it's from Bithell Games, the studio behind not only the brilliant Thomas Was Alone but also Quarantine Circular, so you know it can put a good sci-fi plot together.

To keep up to date with Tron: Identity in the run-up to launch, you can follow Bithell Games on Twitter. Also, if the game piqued your interest be sure to add it to your wishlist on Steam or Switch.

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