Triumph Flex Smart is tailored to fit the modern-day woman

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No two busts are identical. In championing every woman’s uniqueness, Triumph brings you Flex Smart: a ‘smart lingerie’ concept for total freedom and adaptability as you move.

Here’s a stumper: what does it mean to be a woman of the modern world? It can look like a lot of things: from giving presentations at the office to running errands outdoors, and even five-minute stretches between Zoom calls. The modern woman can do it all, as long as she gets the comfort she needs. Comfort, in this context, refers to underwear. If there’s a way to describe the modern woman, it’s that she is constantly moving — which makes good, flexible underwear an essential.

The most intriguing flexible underwear this season comes from ever-reliable lingerie brand Triumph, which has long been known for creating bras, undies, hipsters, and sets that effortlessly combine elegance and ease. For its Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, Triumph introduces the Flex Smart — underwear that ‘moves’ with your body. What this means is, it features flex inserts specially positioned to follow and adapt to your movements, giving you total freedom. And the thing about your total freedom? It’s totally personal. Flex Smart knows you like the way you know yourself.

Triumph Flex Smart Non-Wired Bra and matching Hipsters in Morandi Grey.
Triumph Flex Smart Non-Wired Bra and matching Hipsters in Morandi Grey.

With a focus on support and adaptability, Triumph’s latest offering doesn’t skimp on purpose or aesthetic whatsoever. In fact, Flex Smart is innovative in design as it is with its technology. The non-wired Flex Smart bra is not only ultra-lightweight, but it also comes with temperature-regulating fabric for when you’re constantly shifting from indoors to outdoors. Gotta run? Thanks to its non-crease cups, the bra is also super easy to roll up and store or pack away. Out of sight, out of mind in a snap.

Aesthetically, the pull-on non-wired bra also has an infinity edge neckline that sits close to the body, with smooth finishes that make it invisible under clothes. Its matching maxi briefs, ergonomically cut, are made to flatter and flex according to the way you move. Not to mention how soft they are to the touch, the perfect everyday briefs that are practical and make you feel pretty. This is lingerie that’s easy to wear as it is enticing — the Flex Smart collection features a gorgeous palette that ranges from Stone Blue, Morandi Grey, Soft Mauve and Aubergine.

Also available in the Flex Smart collection is the vest and leggings — all of which feature flex inserts. Because the flex inserts are meant to adapt to your every movement, you can even have them on for light exercise, like when you’re doing simple yoga or having your five-minute stretch after an hour-long meeting.

The pull-on non-wired bra is available exclusively online. To learn more about Triumph’s Flex Smart and to view the whole collection, head to its official website HERE.

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