Trisha Yearwood Shares Why a Shopping Cart Is the Most Romantic Gift Garth Brooks Has Given Her

Kayla Blanton
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From House Beautiful

Somehow, the holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks sure are, and during a recent interview on Taste of Country Nights, per The Boot, Yearwood shared the most touching gift her husband has ever given her. Believe it or not, it’s not as glamorous as you might expect.

“A grocery cart—I know, sounds really romantic,” the “Walkaway Joe” singer revealed. “But the reason that it is romantic is, we were talking about how when you get home with your groceries and you’re making trips, carrying ‘em all in, it’s like, wouldn’t it be so cool if you had a cart at home?”

She has a point—it’s honestly a great idea. And although Brooks could’ve gotten her any old shopping cart, he didn’t. He went above and beyond to find one with sentimental value.

“Well, he called my mom,” Yearwood recalled, and asked her about a store that she used to frequent in her hometown of Monticello, Georgia. “It was called Red and White—it’s no longer in business,” she explained. “But [he asked], ‘Could we get a grocery cart from there, you think?’ So [Mom] went and talked to the guy who used to run the place and said, ‘Would you happen to have any of those old grocery carts?’ And he said he had about a dozen of them.”

What are the odds? But wait, the story gets better. Yearwood’s mom asked the owner how much it would cost for Brooks to purchase one. “And my dad [Jack Yearwood] was a small town, blue jeans banker. And the guy said, ‘Oh, I couldn’t charge you anything. Mr. Jack gave me the money to start my business 40 years ago, so it’d be my pleasure,’” Yearwood said.

Now, years later, they use the vintage relic all the time. “[It] sits in our garage. And when we buy our groceries every week, we unload ‘em in that little cart. And that’s such a thoughtful, romantic gift,” she said. “That’s just one of, like, a million things. I wish I could be as thoughtful as [Brooks]; I’m workin’ on it.”

She admitted that Brooks tends to be much more attentive and detail-oriented when it comes to giving gifts and kind gestures, from always referring to her as “the Queen” to making her coffee every day during quarantine. “Garth is really thoughtful, much more thoughtful than me,” she gushed. “So he will think about something and maybe plan it all year long, and he has done some incredible gifts for me.”

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