Tripoli sends message of hope with white color festival

Hundreds of Lebanese youth gathered in Tripoli in a festival of colors where they were sprayed with white powder, a symbol of defiance targeting political parties.

Unlike previous times when festival attendees were sprayed with numerous colors, this year only white was used to also send a message of hope.

"We are using the white color this time, because all other colors are related to political parties. We don't belong to any party, white color represents us, it's the color of freedom, justice, the new life without any political party," event organizer, Bilal Aljamal said.

Participants gathered in front of a stage and enjoyed throwing white powder on each other as they sang and swayed to blaring music.

Tripoli's municipality granted the festival permission on the premise that young citizens need a space to feel free to vent and call for a normal life.

The violence that has taken place in the shadow of the ongoing economic and political crises in Lebanon, has reached an alarming level in Tripoli, the poorest region within the country.

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