Triceratops skeleton to go under the hammer

LOCATION: Paris, France

This dinosaur skeleton is going under the hammer

It's expected to fetch up to $1.77 million

'Big John' is the largest triceratops dinosaur

ever discovered by paleontologists

NAME: Alexandre Giquello, Drouot Auction House Auctioneer:

"Prices are dictated by the market and by its pace. There are very few sales and very few buyers. I imagine that there are about 10 buyers worldwide for this kind of piece. On the contrary, for paintings, there are a lot of potential buyers. Here there are only a few buyers so the prices get more refined as sales go about, but it's still very hard to make estimations."

'Big John' roamed the lands of South Dakota

more than 66 million years ago

He's named after the owner of the land where his remains were found

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