Trial opens over Elon Musk's $56-bln Tesla pay

STORY: A weeklong trial opened in Delaware on Monday with a Tesla director and a former executive defending Elon Musk's $56-billion pay package.

Shareholder Richard Tornetta is suing Musk and the Tesla board, claiming the CEO and co-founder used his dominance over the board to craft the 2018 package.

And then duped investors into approving it.

Among those who took the stand on Monday: Ira Ehrenpreis, who has been a Tesla director since 2007, and chaired the committee that developed the pay package.

Lawyers pressed him to explain why the board did not demand that Musk dedicate himself to the company full-time.

In response, Ehrenpreis said, quote:

"We never had the kind of relationship with Elon where he was punching the clock."

A video clip of Musk from a previous deposition was played in court.

He was asked if the board demanded he dedicate a certain amount of time to Tesla, and replied, “No, that would have been silly”.

Ehrenpreis said Musk and the board were focused on achieving targets, not time spent at Tesla.

Tornetta wants the court to strip Musk of his pay package, arguing it should have required the CEO to work full-time at Tesla.

He is not seeking damages for himself.

Musk and Tesla's directors have denied Tornetta's claims.

They say the pay package kept the entrepreneur focused on guiding Tesla through a critical period and led to a tenfold rise in its stock price.

Musk is due to testify on Wednesday.