Trial begins over 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings

The trial has begun of 25 men in Sri Lanka, said to be linked to Islamic State, and alleged to have roles in the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels there in 2019.

Attacks that killed or wounded hundreds of people, and attorneys are warning of a long legal battle ahead.

Noordeen Shaheed represents six of the defendants.

"In my opinion it's a futile exercise. It's not going to bring any results. 23,000 charges have been framed against all the 25 suspects. It is very unusual and perhaps it is historical in so far as the history of Sri Lanka is concerned. I think it's a real conspiracy carefully planned to drag this case for another 10 years because it is not possible to conclude evidence to prove 23,000 charges."

23,000 charges.

The group includes Mohammad Naufer, who authorities say masterminded the attack and is linked to Islamic State.

A shootout with police, raids on homes in the days after the attacks, and objects believed to be bomb making materials, here.

The attacks were the worst in Sri Lanka's history.

Separate trials also began on Monday (November 23) for two Sri Lankan officials accused of failing to prevent them.

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