Trevor Noah Wonders Why the U.S. Can’t Stop Domestic Terrorism After al-Zawahiri Kill: ‘There’s Really No Excuse’ (Video)

Trevor Noah had some questions for the United States during Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show” after learning that the federal government killed al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri with a drone strike this week.

“When you see stories about what America is capable of, there’s really no excuse for the amount of domestic terrorism in America,” the last night host said. “Because Zawahiri lived all the way in Afghanistan in some random safe house in the middle of nowhere, and America knew what time of day he liked to go out on his balcony.”

He continued, “But when a white supremacist posts on Facebook that he’s gonna murder everyone and then buys and AR-15, everyone’s like ‘Oh, there was no way to stop this. If only he liked balconies.'”

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The late night host was baffled by the lengths that government forces went to in order to carry out the mission to kill al-Zawahiri, who had been in hiding for more than 20 years. According to news reports, the government used an unmanned drone and a hellfire missile, which doesn’t explode and has razor blades inside to “slice through the target.”

“The weapons America has sound like things that kids just make up on the playground,” he said, joking that the CIA is probably hiding in the trees taking notes.

And for anyone who might be questioning why the U.S. would continue to target al-Zawahiri for more than two decades, Noah had the answer: “America never forgets… unless it’s slavery. But everything else, America never forgets.”

You can watch the full segment above.

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