Trevor Noah Says Mark Zuckerberg Would Be Stressed Over Meta Woes ‘If He Was Capable of Feeling Human Emotion’ (Video)

Trevor Noah took aim at Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth stumble on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” joking about the Meta CEO’s loss in stature due to the underperformance of the Metaverse.

This week, it was revealed that Zuckerberg has lost $95 billion in just over a year, and Meta expects losses associated with Metaverse to keep growing, losing $9.4 billion on Metaverse this year.

The Facebook CEO used to be the third richest person in the world, but has now tumbled to 26th or 27th, a fact on which Noah leaped.

“Twenty-sixth or 27th richest person in the world? Disgusting,” the “Daily Show” host said. “What can you buy? Like, everything?” before adding, “If the man was capable of feeling human emotion right now, he’d be stressed as hell.”

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Noah then went on a run about how a less-rich-but-still-insanely-rich Zuckerberg’s activities might be affected by his losses.

“Once you fall out of the top 10, you no longer get to go to the VIP area at the Illuminati orgy,” he joked. “You’re in general admission. It’s a terrible view. You can’t even see the virgin goat sacrifice.”

The “Daily Show” host – who is due to depart the Comedy Central series at the end of the year – then got in a dig at the Metaverse, which has been the subject of ridicule ever since it launched.

“Before you feel sorry for Zuckerberg, remember it’s not all bad for him. Yes, he’s down $95 billion in the real world. But in the Metaverse, he’s still worth 10 trillion Zuckbucks, oh yeah!”

Noah got in one final zinger as the outro to his segment:

“I will say kudos to Mark. A lot of people have been talking about taking down Big Tech for awhile, but he’s the only one with the balls to do it to his own company.”

Watch the clip in the video above.