Trevor Noah Says CNN+ Was ‘Such a Disaster They’ll Have to Send Anderson Cooper to Cover It’

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Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Discovery announced it would be shutting down CNN+ less than a month after the new streaming service debuted. Of course, Trevor Noah had something to say about it.

During Thursday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Noah poked some lighthearted fun at the news. “This was a big deal. In fact, they said it would be the future of news. If that’s the case, the future is looking bleak,” he said.

About $300 million had been invested into the new streamer, which was expected to be a hit. Instead, it was said to have been netting only about 10,000 viewers a day.

“Less than 10,000 views a day? You could’ve just been on TikTok,” Noah continued. “That’s wild. CNN+ was such a disaster they’ll have to send Anderson Cooper to cover it in a tight black T-shirt.”

He added: “The craziest part of the story is that they said they spent $300 million on this thing. $300 million. What did you do with that? Did you, like, clone Wolf Blitzer or something? Look, if you did that, I’d actually watch that show.”

All of that was bad, Noah teased, but there was another aspect of the story that was even worse.

“The worst part of the CNN+ thing is that I can’t make jokes about all the shows on it, because nobody knows what they are. It’s not fair,” he said. “It’s not like you’re going to understand a joke about the CNN+ show ‘Jake Tapper’s Book Club.’ Because you don’t even know if that’s a real show.”

(Spoiler: it actually is … or, was.)

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