Trevor Noah Says Attack Ads ‘Should Be Illegal’ in Elections: Many Are ‘Straight-Up Lies’ That Poison ‘The Entire Country’ (Video)

Trevor Noah has just about had it with attack ads during campaign season. According to the “Daily Show” host, ads like that “should be illegal,” considering how oftentimes, they are made up entirely of lies.

During his third night taping “The Daily Show” in Atlanta on Wednesday, Noah first poked fun as some of the attack ads he’s seen while in town (and given how important a state Georgia is in these midterms, he has seen a lot). The late night host was particularly amused by attack ads aimed toward Stacey Abrams, who is running for governor in the state.

“If you only knew Stacey Abrams from attack ads in Georgia, you would think she was Darth Vader, combined with Thanos, combined with that asshole who cut you off in the traffic,” Noah mocked. “Pure evil. Stacey Abrams does all of it.”

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Noah did take issue with the fact that he himself also made it into those attacks on Abrams, with one ad showing a brief snippet of her appearing on “The Daily Show” and hugging him. But, he joked, “Any time I don’t want to hang out with anybody, you know… I’m like ‘I would love to, but if we’re seen together, it could be used in an attack ad.'”

Speaking more seriously on the attack ads though, Noah argued that they should actually be illegal, given how little value they actually provide.

“They don’t help. They don’t help, right, because they don’t just attack policy,” Noah explained. “They portray opponents as evil, inherently evil monsters. That poisons the entire country. Because what happens to bipartisanship after that? Do people ever think of that? You can’t be like, ‘Yes, I I said my opponent wants to drink the blood of children. But now that the election is over, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together on infrastructure.'”

You can watch Noah’s full monologue in the video above.