Trevor Noah Not So Sure Trump Plotted Jan. 6 Riots: ‘The Man Can’t Even Plan Where a Sentence Should End’

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Trevor Noah is dubious that Donald Trump is capable of planning a mass riot – the very thing the Jan. 6 hearings are aiming to show.

“The committee says that it can prove that January 6 wasn’t just a spontaneous riot by an angry mob,” Noah said Monday on “The Daily Show.” “It was the climax of a long, coordinated effort by Donald Trump … which, I don’t know about you, but for me is shocking. No, because I didn’t think Trump could coordinate anything in advance. The man can’t even plan where a sentence should end.”

Monday’s testimony included several former Trump allies, including former AG Bill Barr, saying they all knew the 2020 election wasn’t stolen and tried to convince the president to stand down. Even Trump’s daughter Ivanka testified that she trusted Barr and respected his opinion.

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This unsurprisingly ruffled some feathers, prompting Trump to issue a statement not long after stating that Ivanka had “long since checked out.”

Noah took issue with that statement.

“Wait. I’m sorry. Ivanka checked out? When was she checked in?” he joked. “Because for four years it just looked like she was walking around trying to find her desk. When was she checked in? Checked out of what? That’s like if Machine Gun Kelly said he was no longer pursuing a PhD in nuclear physics. When was that even happening?”

During the clip, which you can watch above, Noah also took aim at Rudy Giuliani after multiple people told the committee that he was drunk on election night. But he didn’t exactly find it surprising that Trump would listen to an inebriated Giuliani above all else.

“When you think about it, it actually makes sense that Trump would listen to a drunk person, because that’s the one time people probably sound like him,” he said.

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