Trevor Noah Mocks Steve Bannon for Saying He Won’t Stop Fighting Border Wall Fraud Case: ‘What a Little Bitch’ (Video)

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Trevor Noah mocked Steve Bannon during Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show” while discussing allegations that Donald Trump’s former chief strategist took money from Trump supporters who thought they were paying to build a wall along the U.S. Southern border.

Bannon pleaded not guilty yesterday to money laundering, fraud and conspiracy — telling reporters as he was escorted into the courtroom: “This is what happens in the last days of a dying regime. They will never shut me up. They’ll have to kill me first.”

“What a little bitch. Why don’t you get into a shootout with the cops?” Noah said, referring to Bannon’s remarks. “This guy’s acting like a gangster while he’s surrendering to the police. ‘You’ll never take me alive, coppers! Please, put the handcuffs on gently. My wrists are so soft.'”

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This is not the first time Bannon has faced charges for the “Build the Wall” scheme. He was federally pardoned last year, and is now being indicted at the state level in New York. It’s also just one of dozens of criminal investigations against Trump and his former allies.

“Can I just ask, how long are the MAGA crowd going to keep falling for this sh—?” Noah asked. “Trump’s people have been fleecing them for seven straight years and still they’re like ‘Don Jr. says he needs $2 million to reclaim his throne as Prince of Nigeria. Let’s give him the money.'”

The late night host also extended praise to the New York prosecutors who decided to continue pursuing this investigation, joking that he never would have suspected Bannon at all.

“And by the way, kudos to the prosecutors who even thought to investigate Steve Bannon for stealing millions of dollars,” he said. “Cause I won’t lie, I would’ve never suspected this guy. This guy doesn’t look like he has $15. Millions of dollars? He looks like he sublets from Oscar the Grouch. I wouldn’t have suspected him of having the money.”

You can watch the entire segment above.

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