Trevor Noah Mocks Kari Lake’s Claims That ‘Arizonans Know BS’ After Election Loss: ‘Yes, Apparently They Do!’ (Video)

Election denier Kari Lake lost her bid for governor in Arizona this week and, as expected, is now denying the election results. And of course, Trevor Noah is having a good time pointing out the actual irony of the situation.

Prior to the midterms, Lake — who was enthusiastically endorsed by twice-impeached former president Donald Trump — would not commit to accepting the results of her race against Democrat Katie Hobbs, unless of course, Lake herself won. So, in the days following her loss, Lake has been tweeting out claims that the election was somehow not fair.

On Monday, Lake tweeted that “Arizonans know BS when they see it,” just a few hours after posting a link encouraging voters to report if they had an “issue” with their ballot on election day. And that particular tweet gave Noah a good laugh.

“Yes, apparently they do! Oh!” he mocked. “They do.”

The “Daily Show” host then called Lake’s reaction to her loss “the least surprising plot twist ever,” and speculated that, on some level, losing is actually what she wanted all along, so she could keep undermining the process of democracy.

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“In a way, I bet she’s relieved that she lost,” Noah joked. “Yeah because, if she won, then what? She would’ve had to deny herself? It would’ve shattered her reality. It would be like TLC meeting a scrub and liking him.”

That said, Noah encouraged viewers to be sensitive to Lake during this time, as she processes her feelings after losing.

“Please, please, let’s give her some space as she goes through the five stages of Republican grief: denial, denial, denial, pooping in Nancy Pelosi’s office, and denial.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.