Trevor Noah Applauds Biden for Manchin Climate Bill Flip: ‘First He Defeated COVID, Then He Defeated Low Expectations’ (Video)

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Trevor Noah had nothing but cheers for President Joe Biden on Thursday, after it was revealed that Joe Manchin would be signing the administration’s climate change legislation. As the host of “The Daily Show” joked, the president beat COVID and American voter pessimism in one fell swoop this week.

In a move stunning nearly everyone, Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin announced that they had reached a deal on Thursday that meant Manchin would sign off on the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes huge action on climate change (something Manchin has regularly impeded).

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Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have become regular holdouts on most progressive legislation that the party has tried to pass, leading some to dub them DINOs (Democrats in Name Only). So, to get Manchin on board this time is a big win for Biden. Noah celebrated accordingly.

“What a week for Joe Biden, huh? First he defeated COVID, then he defeated low expectations!” Noah joked. “Look at you Joe! Look at you!”

In fact, Noah nearly broke down in happy tears over Manchin’s agreement to the bill.

“I can’t believe it. Joe Manchin agreed to vote for a bill? Which means Democrats might actually get something done?” Noah marveled. “Am I dreaming? And if so, what a boring dream!”

But really, Noah doesn’t credit Biden himself with getting Manchin to sign his name to the Inflation Reduction Act. That accomplishment goes to voters – and their bullying of the senator from West Virginia.

“I think this has taught us all an important lesson,” he said. “Everyone was so mad at Joe Manchin. Calling him names, letting their anger take over, writing him off as a villain – and it worked! Nice job everyone. Nice work!”

You can watch Trevor Noah’s full thoughts on the Inflation Reduction Act in the video above.

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