Will Trent’s Ramón Rodríguez Tees Up High-Stakes Wedding Episode — and Potential Conflict With Uncle Antonio

When Will Trent star Ramón Rodríguez visits TVLine’s New York City studio, he and I pick up where we left off. Last we spoke (over Zoom), the star and producer of the hit ABC crime drama teed up the eventual debut of Will’s long-lost uncle — Lucy’s brother, Antonio Miranda — and this is the first chance we’ve had to discuss the anticipated family reunion, which played out in the series’ April 9 episode.

“It was a lot to think about because I can only try to place myself in the character’s shoes,” Rodríguez says. “This is the first time he’s meeting an actual, living family member, and someone who could have a lot of answers to a lot of questions that Will has.”

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Rodríguez proceeds to make an astute connection between Will’s past and present. He’s referring to the moment where Will is standing in front of his favorite taco truck, with Betty in his arms, hoping that Antonio hasn’t changed his mind about meeting him.

“It’s like he’s back in the foster care system, hoping that someone takes him in,” Rodríguez posits. “It’s that fear of the unknown, and the anxiety of it all.” But when Antonio arrives, “you could feel the love he has for Will. It’s really special.

“Will there be conflict? Without a doubt,” Rodríguez teases. “There will be stuff that comes up for [Will]. He’s got to… figure out ‘How do I navigate this with someone who is new, who is family?’ The feelings of betrayal and abandonment really surface for Will, so there is going to be some conflict, for sure.”

'Will Trent' Season 2, Episode 7: 'Have You Never Been to A Wedding?'
Daniel Delgado Jr./Disney

But before the show delves further into the relationship between the titular special agent and his uncle, audiences this Tuesday (ABC, 8/7c) will accompany Will and Faith to a wedding where all hell breaks loose.

“He doesn’t want to go,” Rodríguez tells TVLine. “He’s really, sort of, begrudgingly agreeing to do it, but [Faith] needs him there, so he’s going to show up for his partner.” And they head into the affair unarmed, not anticipating that a group of gunmen are going to infiltrate the venue and take everyone — including Faith’s son Jeremy — captive. The stakes, Rodríguez says, “are really high.”

And lest you think it’s a standalone episode, Rodríguez promises that Will will once again be visited by visions of his 12-year-old self as he and Faith try to get this hostage crisis under control.

Will Trent Season 2 resumes with Episode 7 on Tuesday, April 30 at 8 pm on ABC. Watch the video Q&A above for additional scoop on the episode.

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