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Trending gift ideas for 2023: What everyone else is Googling

We sifted through Google's Holiday 100 list to bring you the best trending gift ideas of 2023.

You heard it here first: Stanley, Carhartt and UGG dominated this year's Google searches.
You heard it here first: Stanley, Carhartt and UGG dominated this year's Google searches. (Photo Illustration: Amanda Garrity/Yahoo News; photos: Stanley, Amazon)

Christmas is fast approaching, which means only one thing: It’s time for you – er Santa – to buy all the gifts. As Yahoo's gifting editor, I’m all about scouring the Internet for clever, one-of-a-kind gift ideas. But I'm also open to suggestions from friends and family, random TikTokers and all those Google reviewers online who make these beloved products sell out again and again.

Speaking of Google, the search engine recently dropped its Holiday 100 List, a compilation of the most-searched products in the last 12 months. If you've been on the Internet at all in the last year (Is that even a question?), then none of these picks will come as a surprise. You'll recognize most, if not, all of these finds: the viral Dr. Scholl's sneakers, the Ninja Creami that kept selling out, the beloved Lululemon belt bag, to name a few.

While you can and should take a look at the complete list, keep scrolling to see the trending best gift ideas that caught my eye. All of these picks are backed by data, so you really can't go wrong.

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Sure, you can buy nut milk at the store, but we guarantee that once you have it fresh, you won’t go back. And for less than a $100 investment, you’ll be able to whip up everything from almond to soy to oat milk in no time. Shoppers say it saves them money and helps reduce dairy intake. “This is one of the best machines I ever bought,” one reviewer wrote. “I love the freshness and I can customize the level of the milk sweetness.”

$100 at Amazon

Just when you thought you’d seen the cutest Squishmallow, the popular brand of stuffed toys outdoes itself. This purple octopus is super cuddly, and one reviewer called it “the perfect cuddle size. It's so soft and squishy.”

$20 at Amazon

Mark 2023 as the year that insulated tumblers doubled as a fashion accessory. Stanley remains the leader of the pack and their 40-ounce version really took off this year, with searches quadrupling in a year.

$45 at Amazon

Searches for this Lululemon favorite skyrocketed by 650% this year, which explains why you've seen it everywhere (hence the name). Wear it around your waist or across your body for easy access to on-the-go essentials. 

$48 at Lululemon

These sneakers went viral on TikTok after a user shared how she walked 50,000 steps in them on her trip in Barcelona — without any pain. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have backed up these claims, and one reviewer even added that they have "good arch support for my plantar fasciitis." As a result, Google searches shot up 5,000% this year. 

$70 at Amazon

Crescent bags are having a moment. This nylon one "reached an all-time high in 2023" — likely because of its affordable price point (around $20!), water-repellent finish and unisex design. "The perfect size for running errands for the day, with plenty of room for a phone and water. Very lightweight," one happy shopper wrote. 

$20 at Uniqlo

Searches pick up for this 878-piece LEGO kit each and every December. It makes sense: Adult builders can choose to leave the tree green, sprinkle in a few pink flowers or have it in full bloom. 

$40 at Walmart

The Ninja Creami really had a moment in 2023, so much so that Google searches went up about 5,000% percent. Yahoo's tech editor Rick Broida even gave it a go and found that it's not simply an ice cream maker, but "more a specialized blender of ingredients you prepare yourself, then freeze for 24 hours." That means you can use it to make gelato, milkshakes, frozen yogurt and other cold treats.

$230 at Amazon

Carhartt dominates when it comes to beanies, making them the top-searched brand in the last 12 months. Originally designed to be worn on the job, this iconic knit makes an appearance just about everywhere — construction sites, hockey games and beyond. 

$20 at Amazon

Last year, it was all about the mini UGG booties. This year? Searches increased 900% for this sheepskin-lined slipper, available in men's, women's and kids sizes. 

$110 at UGG

Google searches are heating up for this portable fire, with interest up 5,000% in the last year. You can bask in the glow of this tabletop fire pit for up to 45 minutes. Fuel the fire for warmth or roasting marshmallows — it's your call. 

$80 at Solo Stove

It seems like everyone's itching to color outside the lines since search interest for reverse coloring books doubled in the last year. Draw lines, dots and doodles to make sense of the colors on each page. 

$10 at Amazon

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