Trees Toppled and Buildings Damaged During Severe Storms in New Jersey

Trees were toppled and buildings were damaged after intense storms battered parts of New Jersey on February 21.

This footage, streamed live by Lawrence Township NJ Police Department, shows the extent of the damage in Lawrence Township, New Jersey.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area on Tuesday afternoon, with wind gusts hitting 60 mph.

Survey crews from the NWS were expected to investigate the storm damage in the coming days, to determine whether a tornado made landfall in Lawrenceville. Credit: Lawrence Township NJ Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- This is Chief Longo, the Lawrence Township Police Department. We're at the Lawrence Square Village complex, where either a tornado or some straight-line winds have gone through the complex here. Wanted to provide some information to the residents, and a resident that's displaced at this point can go to 1 Simonelli Court, which is the north entrance clubhouse to the command post where we'll have some resources for you until we can get the damage assessed here. The Red Cross is en route, the property management is also out here assessing the damage with emergency workers.

We just ask the best that you can. Please stay out of the damaged areas, either stay in your home. If you have any type of emergency, you can call 911 and an officer or emergency response will come out for you. There are wires down, and there's some dangerous sharp metal out here. So please, again, do your best not to walk in the areas where you see damage until everything can be cleaned up and made safe.

Again, any residents at Lawrence Square Village who are displaced, don't have power or need any kind of resource, please go to 1 Simonelli Court, right in front of us here, and we'll have some resources for you. The Red Cross is there on their way out, they'll be setting up on Reed Road or Reed Court, 1 Reed Court, which is on the south side of the complex.

You can see the extent of damage out here. This is why we don't want any residents out walking around. It's still live wires, and quite a bit of damage out here.

You'd see workers are tapping the electric lines, sit down streetlights.

Again, the command post, anybody in need, you can go to the club house at One Simonelli court at the north entrance to the complex. The Red Cross is en route to help with any displaced families. There are plenty of resources at the clubhouse on Simonelli Court.

Quaker Bridge Road is also closed due to trees down. Please stay away from Quaker Bridge Road, between the Costco and the Hamilton border by Young's Road.

Again, the Red Cross is en route for any displaced families. The command post is at the clubhouse at 1 Reed Court and 1 Simonelli Court, there's available resources there, some additional information. We just ask that everyone stay away from the area, stay in your houses until we can assess the damage and make sure that there's no live wires. At 1 Reed Court and the command post with available resources is currently at 1 Simonelli.

And as we assess damage and get more information, we'll pass that along to you.