Tree Arrives in Prague's Old Town Square Ahead of Christmas Market Opening

An 82-foot-tall spruce tree arrived in Prague’s Old Town Square in the early hours of Tuesday, November 22, ahead of the Christmas market’s opening on November 26.

Local news reported that the tree was grown in Kytlice, a village in the Czech Republic, and traveled about 93 miles (150 kilometers) to Prague, marking one of the longest routes a tree in the Old Town Square has ever taken. The tree was set up by employees of the Municipal Technology Company of the City of Prague (THMP).

According to the Czech Tourism Authority, the Christmas tree is selected from a different region of the Czech Republic each year.

Footage captured by Videodenik Ceska shows the tree arriving in Prague, as well as another tree already set up in the region.

A post on the THMP Facebook page said the organization will spend four days decorating the tree in the Old Town Square. Credit: Videodenik Ceska via Storyful

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