Travis Scott Dismisses Possible Passed-Out Fan in Crowd at 2016 Show [FILE]

A video of a 2016 Travis Scott concert at the Freaky Deaky festival outside Chicago shows him acknowledging a potentially unconscious audience member before continuing the show.

“Whoa, somebody’s passed out?” Scott asks the crowd before asking repeatedly “he can’t survive?” The performance then continues.

Eight people were killed in a crowd rush during Scott’s performance at Astroworld Festival on November 5.

“I’m honestly just devastated,” Scott said in an Instagram story posted on November 6. “And I could never imagine anything like this just happening.”

As of November 8, at least 14 lawsuits have been filed in Houston court against Scott, Live Nation, and others involved in organizing the Astroworld Festival, according to Billboard, with more expected to come.

Scott and his head of security were warned before the show about public safety concerns, said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. Credit: @yaboiioscar via Storyful

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