Travis Kelce Is "Taken Aback" by Jana Kramer's False Public Claim That He's "Always Drunk"

Jana Kramer had some things to say about Travis Kelce during her Whine Down podcast this week, falsely claiming that, in her opinion, he's "always drunk." And Travis is reportedly confused, not to mention taken aback, by her comments.

“He was taken aback as he’s never met her and is just living his life,” a source told Page Six, while another added “The guy is under a microscope, basically being watched everywhere he goes. Of course you’re going to see him drinking. He’s being watched everywhere he goes.”

The second source also noted that “It’s not like he’s passed out somewhere. If he was passed out somewhere, I would totally understand, but that’s not the case whatsoever.” They then emphasized that Travis is a “normal human being” who's “doing the same thing” as everyone who is "not in the public eye."

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Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that Travis doesn't even know who Jana is, has never met her, and that "she only invoked his name to clout-chase."

In case you missed Jana's comments, she said “To me, he’s always drunk. Every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk.”

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