Trash for rice: Bali's new recycling scheme

One man's trash

could buy another man's meals


This program is giving people rice

in exchange for plastic waste

(SOUNDBITE) (Bahasa Indonesia) FOUNDER OF BALI PLASTIC EXCHANGE, I MADE JANUR YASA, SAYING:"We manage to provide this service in 200 villages and until now we have collected nearly 600 tons (544 tonnes) of plastic waste which has supported about 40,000 families during this one-year period. This program has been very well received by community members."

Yasa founded The Bali Plastic Exchange in May 2020

to help feed his local community and clean up the environment

The waste they collect is sold and shipped

to a recycling company in Java

(SOUNDBITE) (Bahasa Indonesia) 34-YEAR-OLD SILVER JEWELLERY CRAFTSMAN, I WAYAN ADI SEMARA PUTRA, SAYING:"I became active in the waste sorting program and participated in the bali plastic-for-rice exchange, so I'm now more active and care more about the environment and nature around us, so that it will not be damaged by plastic waste."

SOURCE: Science, 2019

Indonesia is the world's second biggest contributor

of plastic pollutants in the oceans

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