Train Slams Into Semi-Truck Blocking Tracks in Luling, Texas

An 18-wheeler carrying a wind turbine blade was struck by a train as it tried to navigate a turn across railroad tracks in Luling, Texas, on August 29.

Video filmed by Harry Clark shows the moment the Union Pacific train collided with the trailer of the semi-truck, striking the wind turbine blade and causing the truck to roll onto its side.

Clark, who was pumping gas at the time, said he saw six or seven escorts accompanying the truck as it attempted the turn.

“The truck had been backing up and moving forward for approximately ten minutes trying to fit it through before I heard the crossing alarm,” Clark said. “He tried gunning it, but just couldn’t make it,” he added.

The Luling Police Department told Storyful there were no injuries as a result of the collision. Credit: Harry Clark via Storyful

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