Train crash in southwest Britain injures several

Two passenger trains crashed in southwest England on Sunday, injuring several people.

Police confirmed there were no fatalities after the collision in a tunnel in the city of Salisbury.

However, authorities have declared it a major incident and a small number of people, including the driver, have been taken to hospital.

According to a BBC report, the rear carriage of one of the trains derailed after striking an object.

The second train then collided with it due to signalling problems.

Passengers described shock and confusion.

"There was just suddenly a lot of jostling, possessions being thrown around. I think a few people, you know, went forward and hit their head and things like that. I mean, you just don't know for a couple of seconds what's happening, it's all just, you know."

"I fell across the table and then the table came off the wall, ended up underneath another table. But they've smashed the windows and stuff and we've got out of the window. So we're hopefully, well we're safe now. But yeah was really scary."

The Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said it has helped evacuate approximately 100 people.

A casualty centre has been opened at a nearby church to treat those with minor injuries.

Train services are expected to be disrupted until Tuesday.

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