Traffic Jam: Bristol Jazz Band Entertains People Stuck in 'Ludicrous' Lines at Calais Ferry Port

A jazz band improvized a music session on August 25, as they found themselves stuck in “ludicrous queues” at Calais ferry port.

Like many irritated holidaymakers, Peter Naldrett was waiting in line at Calais when the occupants of the van queuing next to him started pulling instruments out of the vehicle.

The video, filmed by Naldrett, shows the drummer of a jazz band set up on the roof of a van, with the keyboard player sitting right next to him.

He told Storyful that the band, a collective called Bristol Street Music, played for an hour, adding that “they continued playing as they checked into the ferry.”

Naldrett said that the atmosphere was “perked up” by the musicians, who received a lot of applause. “It really helped to calm the atmosphere because there were a lot of angry people,” he said.

He uploaded the footage to Twitter with the caption: “Ludicrous queues at Calais, but we have this.”

Naldrett and his family were coming back from holidays to pick up their son’s GCSE results. He said that they waited seven hours for the ferry, as queues were caused by many British border control lanes being shut.

The family eventually made it back home at 5am with four hours to spare before heading to the school, where they found out that their son had passed his exams. Credit: Peter Naldrett via Storyful

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