Traditional rice dish cooked in hollowed out bamboo served on roadsides in Indonesia

A traditional rice and banana leaf dish cooked in hollowed out bamboo has become a fast-selling treat during Ramadan in Indonesia. The traditional lemang bamboo dish, seen here being made in Pontianak City, West Kalimantan Province on April 16, has a unique preparation process. First, the young banana leaves are put into the cleaned bamboo stems. After that, glutinous rice is put in it and then it is put on a high heat, then seasoned coconut milk is added into the bamboo . The process of heating the lemang can take approximately two to three hours. After cooking, the lemang is then removed from the bamboo and then cut into small pieces to be sold. There are many ways to eat the dish, from eating it with rendang sauce, black tapai, or mixed with sweet jam. Reportedly one stick of bamboo lemang is sold for 25 thousand rupiah to 30 thousand INR ($1.72 to $2.06 USD).