Traditional Palestinian rural dish makes a comeback in Gaza

STORY: This traditional Palestinian dish is making a comeback in Gaza

Location: Khan Younis, Gaza

Ghalia abu Saadeh makes the rural dish 'Kishek'

from wheat flour, fresh milk, salt and pepper

(Ghalia abu Saadeh, Gazan cook)

"I wanted to preserve this old heritage that we inherited from our grandparents and parents, because the Palestinian Kishek has its own flavor and taste. It is an old Palestinian heritage, so instead of it disappearing, we wanted to revive it."

Abu Saadeh markets her dish to city dwellers on social media platforms

“Kishek is a product sold in traditional markets, also through the internet. Most importantly, I benefit from it because it is sold through the internet and it received a huge and an unbelievable interest from people."

(Salwa abu Nseirah, Gazan)

"Because Kishek is part of the Palestinian heritage, a popular Palestinian dish that people know for long - when I heard that some people are making and selling it, reviving this heritage, I was happy to see that it is still around. We eat it, gift it, and always prepare it at home."

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