Traditional Macedonian wedding starts with a shave

STORY: Location: Galicnik, North Macedonia

This traditional Macedonian wedding starts with a shave

performed by the groom’s best man, to symbolize separation from his family

It’s one of many symbolic customs at a ‘Petrovden’ wedding

which happen every July in the village of Galicnik

[Ognen Karadjozovski, Wedding guest]

"The Galicnik Wedding represents a way that brings together tradition, history and art - something that should be respected, something that we should protect and keep."

The bride starts the day by peeping through a wedding ring and singing

She and the groom arrive on horseback

as the best man playfully attempts to 'bridle the bride'

After the ceremony, women in sequins perform the Bride’s Dance

Men perform the ‘Teshkoto’ or Hard Dance

[Sonja, Visitor from Australia]

"My background is Macedonian, my parents are from Macedonia and I've been wanting to come here since I was a little girl. I used to dance Macedonian dancing and so all of the costumes that they wear we wore when we were dancing. So I've wanted to come here since a little girl and I'm finally here."

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