Tracy Ip exposes domestic helpers for abuse and inefficiency

8 Sep – Miss Hong Kong alumna Tracy Ip recently took to social media to express her anger towards her two Filipino domestic helpers for abuse and other misdeeds.

The actress shared on Facebook that her former helpers have been smearing her good name by sending messages to her fans and saying negative things about her.

"I had no intention to publicise it, but these two Filipino workers have been sending messages to fans that I could not bear this anymore," she said.

Tracy revealed that she hired the two helpers with the help of an agent, who was told that that the two of them - who turned out to be sisters - have prior work experience. However, they later admitted to her that it was their first job.

The actress stated that aside from their incompetence, both women were also lazy and refused to help with her two sons despite already being told that that was part of the job.

"I could smell stench coming from the cups and my sons' bottles, and the older sister told me that the younger one would only empty the cups and not wash them," she said.

She also mentioned other bad behaviour, including the fact that one of them pinched her son's arm.

Said Tracy, the younger of the two worked for her for only 24 days, while the second one stayed for more than a month. The two of them also threatened to file a complaint against her at the Philippine Consulate.

"I was not scared, because I have followed Labor Laws. In the end, they lost," she said.

Tracy also revealed that she has already hired three more helpers who will arrive next month.

(Photo Source: Tracy Ip Facebook)