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When 174,000 Amazon shoppers are raving about $21 earbuds, you need to check them out

What is it?

Looking for a new set of earbuds? If you need a pair that can stand up to the upcoming autumn weather, try Tozo's T6 Wireless Earbuds? They have more than 174,000 five-star reviews from verified Amazon shoppers, amazing audio and are on sale starting at a ridiculously low $21 (compared to $250 for Apple AirPods Pro).

Get some big-time sound at a mega-affordable price on earbuds loved by more than 173,000 people.

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Why are these a good deal?

Tozo earbuds are incredibly popular, and these are over 50% off when paired with the on-page coupon. When compared to the price of brand-new AirPods, it's a no brainer — these are worth the buy.

Why do I need this?

What's made Amazon shoppers fall in love with these Tozos? It's their superior audio quality, of course, courtesy of 6mm speaker drivers that produce powerful, crystal clear sound and heart-thumping bass. Trust us, these earbuds sound way better than the ones that came with your phone.

Most premium wireless earbuds are not waterproof — and that can be a bummer if you're into sweaty workouts or spend hours at the pool. But T6s are truly waterproof, so feel free to get wet. Not that you're planning to dunk them, but these buds can actually be submerged in up to three feet of water without damage! They’re safe for showering too. And that's not possible with Samsung Galaxy Buds or AirPods (The Pro model is water-resistant, which isn't the same as waterproof).

With their wireless charging case (included), these earbuds — which also have handy touch controls — have a long battery life. We're talking 30 hours, people: six hours from the earbuds themselves and an impressive 24 hours from the case.

The only way you'd beat this steal of a deal is if you actually stole a pair of these. (Also: Don't steal.) (Photo: Amazon)
The only way you'd beat this steal of a deal is if you actually stole a pair of these. (Also: Don't steal.) (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

"The battery life is awesome," raved a delighted five-star reviewer. "I work outside and will use these all day. I wear one until lunch and swap it out for the other one after."

"These headphones are literally fantastic. I am a professional musician, and these have an incredibly clear sound quality and really high-end parts," shared a satisfied Amazon shopper. "The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, which is a great feature...Really high-end headphones for an amazingly good price..."

Says a happy user: "I do intense cardio, which leads to me being drenched in sweat. I am so glad these are waterproof!! I am really happy with this purchase. I get compliments on them all the time....The case is so little and cute, I can carry it in my purse like a pack of gum.

And how's this for a compelling claim? "I would purchase these over AirPods without hesitation," said another five-star reviewer. "I find these much more comfortable."

"I actually bought these to listen to music while showering without bothering my sleeping wife and children. They work great and also became my gym headphones over my more expensive Samsung earbuds. The only downside is because the controls are touch, occasionally the water will trigger controls. Typically the volume up or down. For the price and water resistance it's not a deal breaker. Great buy!" said one husband.

Some people prefer Tozos to any other earbud out there — even AirPods!

$24 at Amazon

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