Tow Truck Hoists Massive Gator Into Pickup After Capture Near Houston

A 400-pound alligator wandering around a neighborhood west of Houston, Texas, was captured by local police officers and trappers on September 12.

Footage recorded by Michael Schwab initially shows a trapper sitting atop the alligator while working to bind the reptile, said to be over 10 feet long. The creature is then seen hoisted up by a tow truck, before four people help place it into the back of a pickup truck.

Wranglers from Bayou City Gator Savers posted that the alligator was 10 foot 6 inches long. Local media said the animal weighed 400 pounds.

“The crowd cheered for the gator wrangler after he put the gator in the truck,” Schwab told Storyful.

According to local media, Fort Bend County Precinct 1 Constable Chad Norvell said the alligator "is being taken to a sanctuary in El Campo.” Credit: Michael Schwab via Storyful

Video transcript


- Oh, no.

- I'm going to back it up.

- Come on down with it quick. Come on down. Yeah, come on back a little bit. A little more. A little more. All right. A little down wind.

- Get the head in.

- Come on down with it.

- Wow.

- They need to flip that head in.

- Oh, is OK?

- It's just some scrapes. He'll be OK.

- How can we have news about him?

- He's going to a sanctuary.

- Yeah, he is.

- He's going to a sanctuary?

- Yeah. He's going to be relocated to the sanctuary.

- Oh my gosh.

- Was it she or a he?

- Watch out right quick.

- We don't know.

- Somebody said it was a she.

- Bye, sweetheart.

- I was like, get it into the chair.

- Bye, sweetheart.