Tourists flock to TikTok famous cafe in Tokyo

STORY: This Tokyo cafe was made famous on TikTok

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Shizuo Mori’s coffee shop is known for its ‘Jumbo Purin’ pudding

His trademark fling of the arm to dislodge the eggy custard from its tin

has earned him a worldwide audience on social media

(Shizuo Mori, Coffee shop owner)

"Customers have shown me the video clips, so I know about it. When they see me on television they would let me know and also they showed me. That's how I found out that the cafe became popular."

(Haitham, Tourist from Abu Dhabi)

"I saw it on TikTok and it seems like a very nice local story. And to be honest I'm a big cream caramel fan, so I dragged my friend here to come and see him, and you know I was very disappointed, cause it's (pudding) finished, and it's not even 2 p.m., you know. But it just means that they are doing a great job and it just means that social media is really playing a big part in improving the livelihoods of a lot of small businesses in Japan."