Touring Razer's new S$100 million Southeast Asia headquarters

Razer officially opened its S$100 million Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore in October, amid plans to expand in the region.

The seven-storey building is located at one-north, home to Singapore's technology and business hub, and comes clad in black with acid green lines streaking across it — a tribute to the brand’s instantly recognisable aesthetic.

The building is also home to Singapore's first RazerStore, where visitors can try out Razer products.

They can also try the coffee prepared by a state-of-the-art robotic barista arm at the RazerCafe, and choose between ordering a beverage at the store or pre-ordering a cup of coffee via the RazerCafe app and collecting it in-store.

Here's a sample of what we experienced when Yahoo Gaming SEA was invited to take a tour around Razer's new headquarters.

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