Tough Lie: Florida Golfer Snatches Ball Stuck on Alligator's Tail

A man was filmed on December 13 snatching a golf ball that had somehow gotten lodged on the tail of an alligator at a Florida golf course.

Kyle Downes, who shot this footage, was playing a round of golf with his brother, Brandon, at Cape Coral’s Coral Oaks Golf Course when they spotted the alligator.

“We came across the gator on the back nine and noticed a ball on the tail,” Downes told Storyful. “Never unusual to see a gator, but a gator with a ball on its tail? Very unusual.”

In the video, Brandon edges closer to the alligator, which lies still beside a pond. The alligator splashes into the nearby water as the golfer removes the ball from its scaly tail.

“We golf a lot being in SWFL so this is a rare sight indeed,” Downes said. “How the ball got there is a mystery to me.” Credit: Kyle Downes via Storyful