Touch ‘n Go Visa card now available to all eWallet users, accepted worldwide where Visa is accepted

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Touch ‘n Go eWallet has finally launched its Visa Prepaid card and applications are now available to all users starting today. This is a physical prepaid card which allows TNG eWallet users to make card payments including paywave at all Visa merchants worldwide and the transaction is deducted from the eWallet balance.

During the launch, it was revealed that the card design was by Damien Wong, a talented artist from United Voice who was diagnosed with autism. The design is based on his painting that consists of splashes of colours in blue, green and yellow, which depicts Damien’s view of the world. According to Touch ‘n Go, proceeds of the Group’s purchase of the painting go directly to Damien and RM2 will be donated to United Voices for every card applied.

The TNG Visa card is Malaysia’s first numberless card which aims to provide greater privacy and fraud prevention. The actual card details can be viewed from the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app, allowing them to make online transactions. The card security including freezing the card and setting the PIN is managed from the eWallet app itself.

The TNG Visa card is accepted at over 80 million Visa merchants and ATMs worldwide. However, it can’t be used for normal TNG terminals such as highway tolls and car parks as this is due to a technical limitation, according to Touch ‘n Go.

At the moment, the TNG Card is offered for free but there’s a delivery fee of RM5. The card has a maximum transaction limit of RM5,000 per day. When asked about the daily transaction limit, Touch ‘n Go says the limit is there for security purposes and it should be sufficient for 99% of its users. Touch ‘n Go also assures that the Visa card is also backed by Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s security protocols as well as their Money Back Guarantee.

There’s a fee of RM1.40 for ATM withdrawals in Malaysia and RM5.00 for ATM withdrawals overseas. The product disclosure sheet has indicated an annual fee of RM8.00 and an application fee of RM10.00 but these are currently waived until further notice.

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