'Totaled': Dallas-Area Woman's Car Bears Brunt of Storm

Strong storms brought flooding and power outages to parts of North Texas on September 4, and, for one Dallas-area woman, a “totaled” car.

Elaine Albach shot this video of her Volvo stuck under the weight of a fallen tree in Richardson. To make matters worse, she told Storyful she’d “just picked up my car from the shop … after getting a bunch of maintenance done.”

As the storm was rolling in, Albach said she heard a “massive boom” and saw a tree had come down. She said she couldn’t tell how bad it was until the storm was over. “Turns out it was really bad,” she said. “Car is likely totaled … but at least I have new brakes,” she joked.

Thousands of homes were hit by power outages in North Texas on Sunday, the Dallas Morning News reported. Credit: Elaine Albach via Storyful

Video transcript