Toshiba, Sony lose court fight against EU fine

STORY: Three of the world's top tech firms lost an appeal against EU fines on Thursday (June 16).

Europe's top court - the European Court of Justice - agreed with the EU's decision to fine Toshiba, Sony and Samsung, among others, for being part of a cartel.

The European Commission accused the firms of colluding to procure tenders for optical disc drives.

Those drives were for laptops and desktops made by Dell and Hewlett Packard.

The penalties were first handed down seven years ago, with five companies in total fined 116 million euros, or about $120.5.

A joint venture between Toshiba and Samsung took the biggest hit - at around $43 million.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage was fined about $38 million.

Dutch firm Philips was not fined, as it told the EU competition enforcer about the cartel.

Europe's second highest court - the General Court - had already thrown out the companies' challenge in 2019.

Though the European Court of Justice upheld the fines, judges did partly annul some of the EU's decision.

It argued the Commission did not show the firms had taken part in separate infringements.

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