Tory former minister accused of misogyny after calling SNP MP ‘hysterical’

A Conservative former minister has been accused of using a “misogynistic term” when he described an SNP MP’s speech as hysterical.

Dr Liam Fox faced criticism for the remark in the Commons, which he made as he told MPs: “It is very clear from the debate and the last couple of days that it is this side and this side only that understands the concept of deterrence when it comes to…”

SNP home affairs spokeswoman Alison Thewliss could be heard to shout as Dr Fox spoke, and the senior Conservative interrupted his opening words to respond: “She has had her hysterical say. I will have mine.”

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Alison Thewliss was called hysterical by a Tory MP (Richard Townshend/UK Parliament/PA)

The SNP frontbencher shouted back: “Misogynist!”

Ms Thewliss had claimed in her speech that the Government “has become the criminal gang, breaking international law, moving vulnerable people across the world without legal process, no right of appeal, no concern for the safety or human rights of asylum seekers, to a country they do not know, involving money and involving profit”.

Fleur Anderson, the Labour MP for Putney, later criticised Dr Fox, telling MPs: “I also am shocked to hear a member calling another member – a female member – hysterical. It is a classic callout of misogynistic term and I am shocked to hear it.”