Toronto woman's 'global treasure hunt' for a dress goes viral on TikTok

The Toronto-based TikToker unlocked a new way to use the app and connect with others offline.

A Toronto woman's plea to borrow a dress has gone viral on TikTok. Images via TikTok/
A Toronto woman's plea to borrow a dress has gone viral on TikTok. Images via TikTok/

A recent viral video is highlighting the power of TikTok after a Toronto-based user may have unlocked a new way to interact with followers through the app.

Last week, Charlotte Rose — also known as on TikTok — took to the platform to post a video reaching out to locals in search of a specific dress.

In the 15-second video, Rose included a picture of the Paloma Wool Blossom Print dress in question, and asked users if she could find one to borrow as an alternative to buying a new dress for herself.

"Do you own this dress in a size small? I'm going to a wedding on Feb. 19 and I would love to rent it from you for one night," Rose said. "I don't want to buy anything new but I also don't love the options in a lot of the dress rental places. So if you own it [and live in Toronto] let me know."

Rose's method of using the app to ask other users for help tracking down this dress may have unlocked a new way to interact with followers. Since being posted only four days ago, the video has received over 3 million views and hundreds of comments to date.

Users from all over the world flooded the comment section to offer support in regards to finding the dress, while others even responded with offers to send the requested dress to Rose for her event.

"I hope someone is able to lend it to you! Sending luck your way!" shared one commenter.

"Wait. I love this idea! SOMEONE MAKE AN APP!" said a user who loved Rose's idea of using TikTok to find the dress.

"There actually so should be an app for this," agreed another.

American actress and TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney even commented on the viral post stating, "I wish I did so I could loan it to you!"

One user tried to help Rose, but didn't meet the initial criteria of being based in the city. "I have it but I don't live in Toronto," they stated.

"I live in Toronto! My mom has that dress in size small," offered someone else.

Following the TikTok's initial response, Rose responded with a followup video, in which she hinted that she "may have found the dress."

According to Rose, she was overwhelmed by the fact that "over half a million people" were helping her find the dress. She spoke about how finding this dress became a "global treasure hunt" when people from all over the world started reaching out.

Luckily, all's well that ends well, as Rose's efforts ended up uniting her with her dream dress.

In this recent update, Rose can be seen happily dancing to the song You Make My Dreams (Come True) by Hall and Oates. A comment reading "Hey! I have the dress in small and I'm in the GTA!" from user @nishkebab (Anisha Sekand) is pinned to the video.

In the comments, Rose confirmed that "the dress has been secured." She went on to thank Sekand for their generosity, as well as "everyone that helped the video land on her FYP."

She praised Sekand for being "one in a million" and continued on to thank her followers for "MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE."

Rose's happy ending is a win for TikTokers everywhere, as it goes to show how impactful the app can be when it comes to connecting users both on and offline.

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