Toronto Sports Card Expo Break#1 - Synergy 2022 + Expo Pack - Hitting a Legend & Priority Signings!

Hi Everybody - Welcome Back. Today we are breaking 1 of 4 boxes we got at the Toronto Sports Card Expo Spring 2023 edition. This expo happens twice a year. In the break, we will be opening Synergy - we lucked out with a hitting a few nice top rookies, but also a legandary signature and a very nice priority signings. I did end up giving PikachuBV the auto as he had been asking for 1 as he learned about this legend recently. This is PikachuBV's first Expo, it was really great to share the experience with him. We also sent a few cards off to be graded, stay tuned for a future episode where I talk about grading and what to look for. I make a few predictions, and we will see how close I get. (I could be wayyyy off) Let us know if you've broken synergy and how did you do?